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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12 October 2010

Workout the 600 - Yeah more like the 300, I could only complete half of the reps of each of the workouts.  It was painful.  I totally "bonked out" or ran out of energy during the wo.  I feel like I almost died.  These workouts are very hard and I am hoping that eventually I wont feel like crap after.  You know with more endurance and the like.  It took me 25 minutes to complete the 300 reps I did do : (  Oh well tomorrow is another day and any work I do is improving my health.  Ok off the the showers!  

Later...In my defense I have been feeling a little less then well lately.  I have a little cough and some major mucus issues.  Ew I know TMI.  However, it sort of happens every fall and I hate it!  It isn't sick exactly just sub-par!  So yeah working out and coughing don't exactly go hand in hand.  I have also been working to change my sleeping patterns.  I was going to be at 4ish and waking up well past 11 sometimes.  Not so great.  So I have been setting my alarm for 7:45.  It has been working as I fell asleep last night at 11ish, give or take. However, now I am a little tired.  I think I will allow myself a siesta.  So I will see you on the flip side!

Food Journal

12:00 #2 Plain for Mc D's  I know I know!!

3:30 100 calories worth of mixed nuts

7:00 Hamburger helper with a side of carrots (yay veggies!!)

1 Chocolate cookie

Water: 48 oz

So not a great day but I did meet my goal of eating at least on veggie!!  I went to the store and picked up a few things so tomorrow should go slightly better food wise and best of all it is Wednesday which is my total day of rest!!!  I am excited!

Goodnight guys : )


  1. Just wanted to say hi... followed you over from NaNo (I'm also in SCV). I just started tracking my calories again on The Daily Plate today and restarted P90X after a month off... I fail big time at eating veggies, too ;>

  2. Yay! Glad you came on over! I plan on doing P90X as soon as get in better shape. I started it earlier in the year, but never finished even the first round! Good luck on NaNoWriMo btw!

  3. McDonald's? Beve, that has to be out of your life. Break up with them...the sooner the better!

  4. @Elsapurple I know I know! I am really trying. It might not seem like it but I am. It is hard for me to eat healthy because I am not used to it. Remember this is only my second day, and I have to take it slow. My first goals are to eat more then twice a day, and to have veggies or fruit everyday! See my post for 13 Oct 2010 for more on that!