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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can you hear that??

Today has been a gloomy rainy day.  When I woke up it was raining, and then the beautiful sun came out and now, the wind has kicked up and, off in the distance, the very subtle tremble of thunder.

It is amazing, you can hear it coming.  Yet, looking out the window that sun is shining.

The sky right out of my window

It is like life, you know something could happen but you continue to see sunshine.  Do you bask in this elegant sunshine here or do you brace for the thunder that is on the horizon?  It is a question that I ask myself often now.

The clouds on the horizon

See this blog is about growth and one thing I have yet to do is brace for the thunder.  I have been so content to nap on the cool grass and feel the warm sun on my face that I forgot that the thunder ever existed.  I forgot that as an adult there is always the slight chance of rain.

It isn't until you are standing in the pouring rain, soaking wet that you think to yourself, there was more I could have done.  So, now I must not only acknowledge what could be, I must embrace it, and then when the clouds roll in I can say, it is okay, I am ready.  I have my umbrella and a rain jacket.  Let it rain... I am ready : )

I am not sure where this knowledge will lead me on my personal path but I am hoping it will lead me to a more financially secure place, one where I don't have to burst into tears when I have to go to the ER one night, weighing my options and trying to talk myself out of needing to go.  I hope to be in the place where I can say... "This will be hard, but I can handle it."

That my friends is what the incoming thunder has said to me today.

What do you do to prepare for rain??

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Food Journal
10:30 2 HB eggs

5:00 Beans, roast beef with cheese. (yum)

Mostly healthy snacks including carrots and cheese.  One bad one : )

No workout again today!  Bad Beve!


  1. Gorgeous post, Beve. Keep 'em coming! <3

  2. I don't prepare. I live constantly in fear of this "thunder," but what can I do? I just have to take a deep breath and survive...prepared or not...and i have to remember I am not the only one who has been in my position and they probably survived...or there are people dealing with a worse storm than I am! I have to remember how lucky I really am and put my little rain storm into perspective. :) Love you!

  3. @WinterOne, thanks: )

    @Elsapurple yes, perspective is good. We have to remember that what to us seems like a hurricane sometimes to others seems like a drizzle. Also how do you prepare? I am going to do some research and be proactive. Even little steps will help : )

  4. I've had to learn to prepare for the rain. Now I'm a little more accepting. Of course, that doesn't mean I like it. ;) For me, it's finding some kind of peace, happiness, joy, whatever it may be, even in the rain.

  5. @KAM I agree, a little preparation and you can play in the rain, instead of fearing it : ) Thanks for stopping over :)

  6. What a well written post! And I usually find that I can't prepare that much.
    Dropped by from SITS to say hi.

  7. @Debbie thanks for coming over : ) I try not to, but I always romanticize the world around me.