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Monday, October 18, 2010

JustBeve vs. The Hoodie, NEW VIDEO!!

Hope you enjoy : ) Thanks for reading! Make sure you comment! Just Beve


  1. It COULD only happen to you, Beve. :) Only you. Haha! My embarrassing story: In 8th grade, when we wore uniforms, I wore a skirt. We all wore our skirts REALLY short. Well, it was a windy day, and I was walking down the hall, and the wind blew my skirt ALL THE WAY up. I mean ALL THE WAY. It would have been fine because no one was around....until the exact moment my skirt was up and the boy I liked walked around the corner and saw everything. Of course I played it cool...but was I embarrassed! That's all. :)

  2. @elsapurple, I know :( I am such a dork!! I think I remember that story BTW!