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Sunday, October 17, 2010

16 October 2010

Another day with no workout!  Still feeling a little sub par, but I think that a good night's sleep, and I will wake up ready to go!  Fingers crossed!  I feel better today then I did yesterday, but still a little... blah!

Food Journal

2:30 Pizza

9:00 Burrito

Major setback today!  The above shows a complete lack of planning and discipline.  I was bad, what can I say.  It is reminiscent of day one huh?  Well, on this journey I refuse to beat myself up, I will just wake up tomorrow and try to have a good day, not letting a few setbacks during week one throw me off!

Tomorrow is Sunday so I will be writing a post on food goals as well as a journal.  Then it is Measurement Monday : ]  

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