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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NaNoWriMo, videos, guitar and other nonsense

Oops, I haven't updated in a while here huh?  Well, if you follow me on twitter you know I went to see my sister!!  I love visiting her.  There is a video on my youtube page where you can see the fun we had.  I hope to make more videos like that.  Me, out and about.  Anyways I have nothing "real" to say so I will say this... I am working on getting a guitar to meet my goal of learning to play possible.  Kinda hard to learn when you don't have one I guess.  Also I am exited because I am going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year.  I already have a basic idea of the story and characters and I am getting really, like nerdy excited about it.  I am working on a less "vloggy" video and more of a comedy video, but I am scared to venture out onto comedy.  I think it will take a while for me to get used to the written out type of videos.  So I will keep vlogging and trying to muster up the courage to do one of the other types of videos.  I am almost set on reading a book on the vlog as well.  It will most likely be Breaking Dawn by Stephanie M.  However if you know of another equally loltasic book, please let me know.  I would like to ultimately have two or three different segments on my channel.  One being vlogs and talking about things that matter to me, like politics, one being funny stories that can only happen to me, one of me reading the worst books, and one with comedy sketch type stuff.  We shall see!  I am also working on the editing thing.  I need to update my software in order to do more fun stuff.  Well, that is enough rambles for today!  Bye!!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cooking makes me happy : )

Today I did my favorite thing, more fun to me then reading, dancing and video games, yes even more then youtubing, and that is cooking.  I baked my mother a red velvet cake for her birthday and I am making her favorite dinner for tomorrow.  It requires day ahead prep.  To me cooking is art, taking something and utterly changing it into something that is tasty and looks yummy.  The chopping and measuring is, to me therapeutic.  I just can't understand how anyone can not like cooking!  I unfortunately don't cook very much, because I live on my own and I only like certain things and they are all to easy to make me happy!  I like complicated recipes with lots of ingredients that take time and love to make.  I, for the last 2 years have cooked the entire Thanksgiving meal for our entire family.  I love having an excuse to do excessive recipes.  My turkey takes three days!  To me nothing is more satisfying then having people taste and savor something you created with your two hands and, in my case pure joy!

Goodnight world!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Brother

Today my little brother turned 18.  I can't believe how weird it is.  I still feel like I am 18 most of the time, and to have him become an adult is very surreal.  We celebrated in a quite, small family kind of way.  My sister wasn't there but she was missed.  His turning 18 makes me feel older then it should.  I should note that I am a few years older then him in age.  I see where he is and I can't believe it.  I felt so adult at that age and I look at him and see a baby.  Not that he is immature or anything like that, it is just that he isn't as old as I felt then.  I wasn't either though!  At 18 you feel like you have mastered the hard parts.  The sad truth is the hard parts are just beginning, you'll lose the naiveté and, sometimes, the confidence you have at 18.  I know that back then I was more decisive and it was easier for me to form opinions because I never truly had to deal with the consequences of my actions in a real way.  Now I weigh my options and think of how my decisions effect others.  It is good because it shows maturity, but it is also bad because you stop yourself from experiencing life in that joyful, carefree way you do when you are young.  I hope that all of those who have it, still, cherish it because youth is wasted on the young and there are many of us in the world who, while happy with their life and choices, would love one more day going where the wind takes us and having crazy ideas.

So with that I say,

Happy Birthday Little Brother,
Cherish these carefree days
and try, no matter how hard the world pushes,
to resist the urge to settle, and comply.
Try, Little Brother,
to chart your own course
and follow your passions
so that when you are older you wont look back
at this moment in time as a regret
but as the time that you
and above all things
as the time you
really truly lived
every moment.

I love you Kick


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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bridal Shower and Birthdays!

Today I went to my Roomie's bridal shower, now I must note that we have not lived together in a long time, and we only lived together a few short months, but she will always be roomie to me!  Anyways she is getting hitched in November and we showered her with love and gifts today... it was fun.

Tomorrow is my brothers birthday!  I can't believe he is going to be 18!  How is it possible??????

Then on the 23, my mom is having a birthday.  I wont say how old, cause she wont like it.  She looks amazing though.  So I am gonna hang out with them for the next few days and enjoy my brother's birthday, because he is getting so old!

New Video!

Check out my contribution to the whole Positive Pranking thing. Where you prank in a positive way to spread happiness in the world! I hope it all goes well. So i fail on the everyday thing huh? Well sometimes I am boring, what can I say? Ok everyone try to think of a way to positive prank people!

Click here to see the Video!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

30 Rock, Dexter, 5AG and Procrastination

I have to say that I have spent a good deal of the last couple of days in a deep procrastination bubble.  First I got hooked on 5AG and watched a whole lot of them, into the wee hours.  Then I watched 30 Rock Season 1 in, seriously 1 sitting because, I think Alec Baldwin is so freaking funny in it, and Liz Lemon reminds me a lot of myself.  So that was fine, but then, then I decided to force my father to watch Dexter with me because to me Dexter is tops, just tops!

Anyways my point is that I actually have a lot of things I should be doing other then watching crap on my computer, for instance I could be studying, cleaning, and possibly recording for my vlog, but NO I am losing hours to the 5AG!  NO MORE I will not watch one of those shows tomorrow, I will work and clean and be productive!  Hopefully I will have a new vlog up tomorrow.  So yes, that was my day and this is my life and yeah... Goodnight!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Facebook "Friends"

So, today I edited my friend list on Facebook.  I must say it feels good.  Often I wouldn't post things because I didn't want people I use to know to see them, then I thought...

I am not required to keep anyone on my Facebook!  It is mine!

So after about half a second of guilt I went through and deleted all the "friends" I haven't seen or spoken to since high school, and all the people I met once at a party and added, and all the ones that I didn't want and now, my Facebook is a gathering of the people whose opinions I value.  People who I want to tell things to and who I want to come to my blog/vlog.  It feels good.  Why do we feel the need to keep people that we don't even really like on our social media pages?  I mean, just because we went to the same high school 8 years ago doesn't mean I want you to know where I am and what t.v. show I like.  I assume the same is true in reverse.  I am happy I will be able to post a less edited version of me.  I use to edit things because I was worried what my high school friends would think of me.  What a stupid thing to worry about!  Man what a waste huh.

Goal Review Sunday

So... eventually each day will have a theme, like in the news and stuff and Sundays will be goals.  I will begin Goal Sundays by explaining why I want to achieve these goals and how I plan to get there.  Since it has only been a few days, obviously I haven't achieved any of my goals.  So, I will focus on explaining them to you, and myself! My first goal is to go to the OneNation Rally in Washington D.C. as I said in my blog I don't think it is going to happen because it is coming so quick and I can't afford to go.  If I had more time I would go, so my alternative to this is to see President Obama speak.  Why?  After watching Keith Olbermann's special commentary on the "Ground Zero Mosque" I have decided to get more involved with politics. He in fact changed my life, he has made me see that we have to stand up for what we believe in and act on our goals. I even mentioned it on my FB that he had opened my eyes.  You can watch it here:

  Go, it is a great video, even if you don't agree with him, you can appreciate his logic and his passion for rights is impressive. Well, I have no idea how to go about seeing the president speak, is that something you can google?? I want to see him speak because even on the television he is moving and inspirational! So I need to figure out how to find out where and how I can hear him. It is time I come out of my political shell I guess. Well, goodnight world : )

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Moving stuff around

(Big sigh)  Man oh man I am tired.  I have been moving furniture around my little place for hours trying to figure out the perfect arrangement.  It is quite a task!  I know it doesn't actually have to be perfect but I can't find the best arrangement for my oddly shaped living room/ dining room/ office space.  I wish that everything was put away, and the place was warm and inviting.  It isn't yet, it is a mess and I haven't really let anyone come over because I am not happy with it yet.  Add that to the goal list, making my home warm, inviting and a true testament of me and my personality.  I actually feel bad for my little place, it deserves to shine and have visitors, it is wrong of me to pile up my stuff and shut the world out!  OK goodnight world.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Not an exciting day, but a good day.

We all have days we know we will remember for the rest of our life, like the day you meet your first love, or the day your heart was first broken. Those days are in your memory as life changing events, that shape who we are. This was not one of those days, but it was a good day. It was a day I spent gossiping with my mother, playing Wii tennis with my cousin, and said the following,

"I am all sparkly and I don't know why."

Which caused a laugh attack for my mother and me. No, today may not be remembered forever, but it will never come again, and I am happy with how I spent September 10, 2010. That's all I can do, live each day and appreciate the weather and take chances and be with the people I love. The other, "life changing" things will happen, in time, and I am happy to spend my days like this, for as long as I can. : )

Thursday, September 9, 2010

All are welcome...

So I am watching the Dodger game on the telly and a Dodgertown commercial keeps coming on, it says

"dodgertown, all are welcome"

  What a great message.  This is the sort of message I hope describes me...

"JustBeve... all are welcome"

Too many people in this world are closed off, we are in clubs that don't welcome others easily, we form cliques and judge those around us, or we just automatically excuse anyone who isn't like us.

There are so few people who are just kind and inclusive.  Those people should be rewarded for their willingness to look past the first impression, and get to know the people around them.  I hope I am one of those people, I hope that at the end of the day people feel welcome here, and on my many other online deals.  Not for any other reason then I want to get to know you, yeah you, and I love to hear what others think.  I vow here, while I have but one subscriber (my sister... Hi Sissy... I <3 U) that no matter if I have 1 or 100,000 I will always read every tweet, comment, and e-mail, I will watch every video response and view your channels.  I may not always respond, but I will always attempt to answer questions, because...

I am JustBeve, and ALL ARE WELCOME

Love Love Love

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Blog and first Vlog in one day!

Man of man I am on a roll eh?  So I posted my first vlog today.  I must say, it is gonna be hard for me to keep them short because I am a talker!!  Anyways check it out, and I am gonna try to vlog once a week, we shall see!

Watch it lower on the page, man I have to get better at this stuff!

Also make sure you subscribe, because I need some subscribers!

Vlog Number One or My Goals for the Year