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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Brother

Today my little brother turned 18.  I can't believe how weird it is.  I still feel like I am 18 most of the time, and to have him become an adult is very surreal.  We celebrated in a quite, small family kind of way.  My sister wasn't there but she was missed.  His turning 18 makes me feel older then it should.  I should note that I am a few years older then him in age.  I see where he is and I can't believe it.  I felt so adult at that age and I look at him and see a baby.  Not that he is immature or anything like that, it is just that he isn't as old as I felt then.  I wasn't either though!  At 18 you feel like you have mastered the hard parts.  The sad truth is the hard parts are just beginning, you'll lose the naiveté and, sometimes, the confidence you have at 18.  I know that back then I was more decisive and it was easier for me to form opinions because I never truly had to deal with the consequences of my actions in a real way.  Now I weigh my options and think of how my decisions effect others.  It is good because it shows maturity, but it is also bad because you stop yourself from experiencing life in that joyful, carefree way you do when you are young.  I hope that all of those who have it, still, cherish it because youth is wasted on the young and there are many of us in the world who, while happy with their life and choices, would love one more day going where the wind takes us and having crazy ideas.

So with that I say,

Happy Birthday Little Brother,
Cherish these carefree days
and try, no matter how hard the world pushes,
to resist the urge to settle, and comply.
Try, Little Brother,
to chart your own course
and follow your passions
so that when you are older you wont look back
at this moment in time as a regret
but as the time that you
and above all things
as the time you
really truly lived
every moment.

I love you Kick


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  2. Awww, that was beautiful, Beve! Wish I could have been there! (I deleted the above comment because I was accidentally signed in as Nate :) ).