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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cooking makes me happy : )

Today I did my favorite thing, more fun to me then reading, dancing and video games, yes even more then youtubing, and that is cooking.  I baked my mother a red velvet cake for her birthday and I am making her favorite dinner for tomorrow.  It requires day ahead prep.  To me cooking is art, taking something and utterly changing it into something that is tasty and looks yummy.  The chopping and measuring is, to me therapeutic.  I just can't understand how anyone can not like cooking!  I unfortunately don't cook very much, because I live on my own and I only like certain things and they are all to easy to make me happy!  I like complicated recipes with lots of ingredients that take time and love to make.  I, for the last 2 years have cooked the entire Thanksgiving meal for our entire family.  I love having an excuse to do excessive recipes.  My turkey takes three days!  To me nothing is more satisfying then having people taste and savor something you created with your two hands and, in my case pure joy!

Goodnight world!

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  1. Yay! Sve me a piece of that cake! BTW "then" does not equal "than!"