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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

30 Rock, Dexter, 5AG and Procrastination

I have to say that I have spent a good deal of the last couple of days in a deep procrastination bubble.  First I got hooked on 5AG and watched a whole lot of them, into the wee hours.  Then I watched 30 Rock Season 1 in, seriously 1 sitting because, I think Alec Baldwin is so freaking funny in it, and Liz Lemon reminds me a lot of myself.  So that was fine, but then, then I decided to force my father to watch Dexter with me because to me Dexter is tops, just tops!

Anyways my point is that I actually have a lot of things I should be doing other then watching crap on my computer, for instance I could be studying, cleaning, and possibly recording for my vlog, but NO I am losing hours to the 5AG!  NO MORE I will not watch one of those shows tomorrow, I will work and clean and be productive!  Hopefully I will have a new vlog up tomorrow.  So yes, that was my day and this is my life and yeah... Goodnight!

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