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Monday, September 13, 2010

Facebook "Friends"

So, today I edited my friend list on Facebook.  I must say it feels good.  Often I wouldn't post things because I didn't want people I use to know to see them, then I thought...

I am not required to keep anyone on my Facebook!  It is mine!

So after about half a second of guilt I went through and deleted all the "friends" I haven't seen or spoken to since high school, and all the people I met once at a party and added, and all the ones that I didn't want and now, my Facebook is a gathering of the people whose opinions I value.  People who I want to tell things to and who I want to come to my blog/vlog.  It feels good.  Why do we feel the need to keep people that we don't even really like on our social media pages?  I mean, just because we went to the same high school 8 years ago doesn't mean I want you to know where I am and what t.v. show I like.  I assume the same is true in reverse.  I am happy I will be able to post a less edited version of me.  I use to edit things because I was worried what my high school friends would think of me.  What a stupid thing to worry about!  Man what a waste huh.

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