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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Moving stuff around

(Big sigh)  Man oh man I am tired.  I have been moving furniture around my little place for hours trying to figure out the perfect arrangement.  It is quite a task!  I know it doesn't actually have to be perfect but I can't find the best arrangement for my oddly shaped living room/ dining room/ office space.  I wish that everything was put away, and the place was warm and inviting.  It isn't yet, it is a mess and I haven't really let anyone come over because I am not happy with it yet.  Add that to the goal list, making my home warm, inviting and a true testament of me and my personality.  I actually feel bad for my little place, it deserves to shine and have visitors, it is wrong of me to pile up my stuff and shut the world out!  OK goodnight world.

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