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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hello lovelies!

Ok, two points to make today and then I am off to watch some Telly!

Point one... According to YouTube, 80% of my viewers are female, so again, as in real life I am boy repellent!

Point two is about politics, feel free to skip it, I am feeling rant-y.

Point two... It is more of a question.  Should one fight for change, or should we trust the powers that be.  The question has been weighing heavily on my mind lately.  I miss the blissful ignorance and lack of interest I had not three months ago.  Only three months of interest and frankly I am exhausted, I am tired of keeping up to date on politics and where the country is going.  I am tired of hearing all the crazy things people do and say about their opinions.  I mean, it is an unwinable fight anyways, right?  No one side will ever admit defeat or will conquer all.  To many of my hours have been spent lately on politics and shock and awe at what people do or say.  So I have decided to disconnect.  A little less information I guess.  While less education is never the answer, I am afraid I have not the energy for a endless battle.  I love my country, and I love voting and all that but maybe a news fast is the only thing that can help me be sane again.  I don't know.  Maybe it is just because the election is coming.  I find that during election season, America is ugly.  We Politicians drag each other through the mud, people are all over the news talking about how the world is ending because of this side or that side.  Why must it get so nasty?  Why can't we be ADULTS and have a real, clean conversation about actual issues.  Yes, I have decided to disconnect and trust that everything will work itself out.  I will still vote and I will still look into each thing I vote for, as is the duty of every voter, but I will instead devote my time to finding interests that don't make me feel like politics in America makes me feel now.

That is my piece, this is my blog

Love : )


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