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Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Sunday!! New Food Goals and my Journal for 17 Oct 2010

It's Sunday!!

I have like 5 minutes to write this and post it before it is a day late!!

Ok so going through the the journals I am going to add the following goals to the two I already have.

First, No eating something 2 days in a row.  I have A LOT of repeats in the journal and that is not a good way to cover your nutrient bases!  However, I do always have leftovers as I am cooking for one here : (  So I have to be able to repeat sometimes, hence the 2 day rule.

Second, Eat a breakfast within two hours of waking up.  On days when I eat earlier, I tend to eat more meals.  When I wait 4 or 5 hours like I did yesterday and today, I eat way more junk, and only one or two huge meals!

So there are the new goals.  I will continue the new goals as well, obviously.

Food Journal.
It was a bad day today.  I hung out with my dad all day and only ate one meal.  Pizza.  I also ate some snacks that were bad.  Tomorrow is another day, and Measurement Monday!  So that should be fun : )

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  1. Well I can see I need to dig into your blog and read other postings - this was GREAT and follows along with my goal to get back into my smallest little black dress. I need to focus more and get back to keeping my journal - thanks for the kick!! OH and visiting from SITS Hare group!!

  2. @LBDDiaries, thanks for coming over : ) Yep I am hoping to find some people who are also trying to change as well. It is so much easier with support.