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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

13 Oct 2010

Wednesdays are free days!!  Man I love Wednesdays!  I am uber-sore from the workout today so it isn't like a totally free day.  I guess that is something I will have to get used to on this journey.  It isn't so bad, at least I know I am actually working on it it I am sore right?

Food Journal

12:00 HB egg and a small banana

3:00 #3 at In and out with diet coke

8:00 enchiladas with rice. w/diet pepsi

Snacks - lots, my dad's house is just a terrible environment for me food wise, they always have candies and junk food there.  I am going to have to work on taking snacks or avoiding the ones they have there.

Water - 2 glasses about 16 oz total : (

Other thoughts
So the way I plan to change my eating is to set a goal each week, during that week, conquer whatever goal that is and never allow myself to go back.  I am writing them on a paper on my fridge so I can remember the habits I have already set.  This weeks goal is to eat more then 2 meals a day and eat at least one fruit or veggie a day.  Something I did actually accomplish today! Yesterday I had the veggies but still only had two meals.  Every Sunday I will look at the past weeks food journal and figure out something I need to change.  The goal for this week was very obvious after the first day!  I hope that by changing slowly and sticking to the changes, they will be more like habits and less like rules holding me back.  I really am going for lifestyle changes here in the food department and if I change to suddenly I will end up reverting as soon as I can.  Slow and steady are the ways I plan on winning or I guess losing.  So if you want to change your eating to, let me know your goal from your journal.  Or follow my goals.  I am going to post them in the side bar so you can see which habits I have embraced!

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