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Monday, October 4, 2010

New video! New Segment! Excitement!

Hey you, today in my video I introduced a new segment called...

"It Could Only Happen to Beve"

It will be one of the segments I fall back on if I have nothing else to vlog about!  So yes I hope you enjoy the story of Beve vs. The Waiter.  I started with that story because it is one that my family actually knows, wait until they here the crazy things that have happened to me when they haven't been around.  They think I am a nut now!  Good times.  I am still enjoying the whole vlogging thing, I just wish I could get some more viewers, I am sure if I keep just being me, they will come.  As you know I am awesome!  J/K!
Here is the video, and if you could put up a link on Facebook or do a tweet about me I would love you forever*

Beve vs. the Waiter

*Offered love will be subject to verifiable results of your advertisements, I in no way offer this love in a physical or emotional way simply in an imaginative way.  You should know that I am fickle and may ask for another favor in return for love soon and if such a favor is asked for, you must know the imaginary love set forth by this offer will be null and void and you must complete the new task in order to imagine that I love you again!

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